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By: Dr. Tom Brian

When I was in High School from out of the blue God called me into the medical field. I assumed he wanted me to be a missionary, so I continued my studies to become a dentist.
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Dr. Brian and Chelma

As I looked into becoming a missionary the doors did not open for me, so I started my dental practice and family.

In 1991 an opportunity to make a short-term mission trip changed my life. I discovered what I think God wants me to do with my life.

Since then I have made numerous trips doing dental treatment in Latin America countries, but have decided to concentrate Send Hope's efforts to the east coast, the Miskito Coast of Honduras.

This area is very isolated because there are no roads going to the east coast so the only way to get there is by plane or boat.

Only the main town, Puerto Lempira, has generator produced electricity, telephone, and television services.

Feel free to contact us with questions regarding, making a donation or to inquire about an upcoming trip.

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